5/15/24 - Prokeep's 3.80 Product Update

For the Release Occurring on the Evening of Wed, 5/15

1. NF - New Feature - Available to Admins/Managers - Reporting for your Broadcast Text Messages

See Response and Unsubscribed rates, as well as Delivery rates

View video for further detail on the reporting dashboard:

2.NF -  New Feature - Available to Admins - Route Messages to Groups (a feature of Automated Rules)
Set up messages to automatically route to specific groups/locations' inboxes.

Detailed How-To below: 

-->Go to Settings - Manage Rules - Create New Rule

1. Enter the name of the rule you'll be creating
2. Assign "When" and "If" Rules, selecting the Region the thread currently comes to
3. Assign "Then" as "Route to group" for the Region the thread should go to, instead
4. Hit Save!

Now you can view your rule in Manage Rules. It is activated if the toggle is turned on (green). You can go back into the rule to edit it by clicking the pencil icon.

3. E- Enhancement - Available to Admins/Managers - Multi-select in Manage Contacts
You can now click the box next to Contact and find the option "Select All"