Automated Rules FAQ - Manage Rules

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What can I do with Rules?

Automatically close threads that are inactive. You can do this by channel type, group, or region.

Prokeep has future plans for being able to automatically route threads, send messages to customers, and more! If you have an idea for something that you want to be able to do with Rules, feel free to submit it on our feedback form

What account types can access Automated Rules?

All Prokeep customer types (any tier) can access Automated Rules, and the user has to have Admin-level permission.

What is an “Inactive Thread”? 

An Inactive Thread is a thread that has not received new messages from either the contact, or a user.

When setting up the thread trigger, you get to define how long a thread needs to be inactive – in order to be affected by the Rule. 

Can I set all my threads to close at 6pm, or some other specific time? 

Not at this time. Currently our triggers are designed to be rolling timers. So Prokeep is regularly checking for when a thread expires, rather than expiring all of them at a specific time.

My thread is 6 minutes old and I set a 5 min timer, what’s up? 

Time-based triggers run in 5 min cycles. Every 5 min, the Rule runs looking for threads that are at least 5 min old.

Example: A thread that was last replied to at 8:01 would only be 4 minutes old at the 8:05 run, and therefore not close. Assuming no activity occurs between 8:05-8:10, it will be caught in the next run – explaining why the thread has been labeled inactive for “more than 5 min” in the Rule. 

How many threads can close at one time? 

Prokeep Rules can act on up to 50 threads at once.

For most cases, this will cover everything. But if you have a lot to clean up, plan to let the Rule run over a weekend, or contact support about a manual mass thread closure. 

Which Rules run first? 

They will all run on their timer, but Prokeep runs the shortest timer first.

So if you have a 5 min timer and a 10 min timer, Prokeep will run them both, but the 5 min timer Rule will run a fraction of a second before the 10 minute timer Rule. If all the rules are on the same timer, we run in order of creation - earliest first. 

What happens if I have both “autoclose” AND “Return to Inbox” enabled? 

First, returned threads are moved to the inbox and no longer considered “open”, they are “unclaimed”.   As such, returned threads are not applicable to be auto closed until after they are claimed again. Both autoclose and Return to Inbox are timer-based, but Return to Inbox is running on a slightly different type of timer. This means that if both Return to Inbox and Auto Close are running on the same duration, Return to Inbox will almost always run first. If, by some chance, they do end up aligned to run at the same time, Prokeep will run the rule that was created earliest first. Prokeep recommends setting your Return to Inbox timer to be less than any autoclose timer.  

Are contacts alerted when a thread is closed by Automated Rules?

Contacts are never alerted when a thread is closed.

How do I know if a Rule closed a thread? 

When you view the thread in the closed tab or in thread history, the rule name will appear as the user that closed the thread. Additionally, you can see all rule executions in the Reporting export. Simply choose the date range and groups that you wish to see rule executions for. There will be a record of all threads in those groups that were closed in the time period selected by rules, each on their own line. 

Note: Rule Reporting does not honor the thread type filter, you will see all executions for all thread types in the export no matter what. It does honor the group and date filters.