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Compatibility & Minimum Requirements

This article gives you an overview of our Compatibility & Minimum Requirements to utilize the platform.

Compatibility & Minimum Requirements


Prokeep is a stand-alone web-based application that allows companies to send and receive text messages (SMS & MMS) using their landline phone numbers.  To correctly route text messages using landline phone numbers, Prokeep works with cell phone carriers and the national SMS/MMS registry.  Since landline voice and landline texting work on completely different networks, Prokeep DOES NOT change or interfere with a company's current landline voice service.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows: Windows 7 or later
  • Mac: OS X Yosemite 10.10 or later

Supported Browsers:

Prokeep Compatible Browsers

Encryption & Security:

  • Our network traffic is TLS 1.2 minimum required, which is the industry standard. Our database traffic is encrypted with AES-256 at rest. Our passwords are encrypted with bcrypt.

Minimum Internet Speed: 

  • 2.5 MB/Sec

Firewall Settings: 

  • Prokeep uses web sockets to communicate from the client to the server. If you have a corporation firewall set up or are planning on implementing a firewall, you will need to allow web sockets to your Prokeep domain.

Supported File Types and Size Limits:

  • PDF(5 MB limit)
  • .doc(5 MB limit)
  • .xlsx(5 MB limit)
  • PNG(~2.0MB limit, depending on carrier)
  • JPEG(~2.0MB limit, depending on carrier)

Porting Numbers (Changing Phone Companies):

If you are planning to port your landline number or change phone companies, there are a couple of things that we suggest before you do. 

1. Contact Prokeep Support before you make a decision on which provider you go with. Some companies do not allow their landline phone numbers to be texting enabled. Due to this, there is a possibility that your landline's texting abilities will be disabled.

2. Once the landline provider has been okayed by Prokeep Support, notify us when you are making the transition. Again, changing your provider may disable texting temporarily. If we know ahead of time, we can re-enable texting to your landline number as soon as the transition has been made to ensure there is no lapse in service.

Phone Providers Who are Not Supported:

  • Rogers Unison
  • Verizon 1 Talk
  • Microsoft Teams (unless using Teams Direct Routing Service)

Email/Domain for Whitelisting:

Prokeep utilizes @prokeep.com as our email domain. Please whitelist emails from @prokeep.com to ensure you will receive communication from us. Email addresses may include info@prokeep.com, notifications@prokeep.com, billing@prokeep.com and support@prokeep.com.