Email Redirect Setup Instructions - Microsoft 365

This article gives step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Microsoft 365 email redirect.

The video above outlines all the steps required to Prokeep enable an MS365 email address, as do the steps below.


There are two key steps to this Process: configuring a redirect rule and updating Anti-Spam policies to enable automatic forwarding to Prokeep. 

Redirect Rule

Log into your account’s Microsoft Exchange admin center, on the side rail go to Mail Flow>Rules then on the following screen click Add a rule>Create a new rule

After clicking Create a new rule you will be presented with the option to Set rule conditions. First, create a clear name for your rule. Then under Apply this rule if, select The recipient then is this person. 

Now select all the email addresses that you intend to Prokeep enable. In this example, we are redirecting email traffic from our New Orleans store’s group inbox into Prokeep, so we type in the email address for the New Orleans store.

Then, under Do the following choose Redirect the message to then these recipients. 

When prompted to enter a receiving email address for the redirect:

  • If you are located in the US, please redirect emails to 
  • If you are in Canada, please redirect emails to 

At this point in the process, you may optionally utilize the Except if clause to filter the types of messages forwarding into this inbox. A Prokeep enabled inbox is highly visible to the entire team and encourages quick action upon messages. If, for example, the forwarded inbox occasionally receives sensitive HR information, you may want to utilize the Except if clause to prevent redirects from anyone using your company domain, or any member of the HR department.

After clicking Next you will be presented with two more screens. On these screens no changes need to be made from defaults. Ensure that the Rule mode is set to enforce. Setting a Severity level is not necessary. 

On the third screen, click Save. The rule will be saved, following around a minute of wait time.

Once the rule is created, you will need to open it and change its status to Enabled.

Outbound Anti-Spam Policy

This step requires us to navigate from the Microsoft Exchange admin center to the Microsoft defender space. This can be accessed by first clicking the grid icon on the top left of the screen


Then select Security


This takes us to Microsoft 365 Defender. From the left side rail expand the Email & collaboration section.

Then select Policies & rules > Threat policies

From the Threat policies section select Anti-spam

Then click + Create policy and create a new Outbound policy

Give the new policy a clear name and description, then click Next.

From here, select the addresses for which you want this policy to apply. In this example, we are redirecting mail from the group address “New Orleans”, so we will input that email into the Groups section; however, if the email address that is being redirected is one associated with a specific user, utilize the Users section. After inputting all the email addresses that you wish to Prokeep enable, click Next.

On this next screen, Protection Settings we need to scroll down to the section labeled Forwarding rules, then under the Automatic forwarding rules drop down change the setting to “On - Forwarding is enabled”.

Click Next.

The final screen is just a review of the changes we have implemented. From here, select Create.

After a few minutes, the new policy will be created. This policy allows automated forwarding, but only for the email addresses whose messages ought to be redirected into Prokeep. Select your new policy and ensure that it is turned on.