Prokeep Collect: Get Paid Faster Through Streamlined Collections

Prokeep Collect empowers credit/collections agents to send reminders from Prokeep via text and/or email. The streamlined process ends voicemails and the risky prospect of using personal cell phones to make contact. Outreach is standardized, scaleable, and perpetually referenceable between all finance  team members. By seamlessly integrating with your online payment system, Prokeep Collect facilitates prompt payments by making it easier than ever for customers to complete transactions. 

What outcomes can I expect from using PK Collect?

  • Decrease Days Outstanding: get paid faster through an efficient process
    • 90% of texts are read in the first three minutes of being sent
    • End phone tag - save 3,000+ calls per year!
    • Make the payment process as convenient as possible 
  • Enhanced Accuracy - at scale
    • See all communication with that company - and what contacts can be leveraged to get on-time payment. 
    • Use history to confirm promised pricing and deals
    • Avoid double-work in larger teams
  • Drive usage to your ecomm/payment site
    • Reduce paper checks
    • Direct customers to your payment solution via customer portal, custom online payment gateway, or 3rd party card processor. CardConnect (CardPointe) has additionally supported autofill functions.

How It Works:

  1. Establish Privacy: We recommend an Accounting line solely for Prokeep Collect to ensure privacy and separation of collections functions from standard operations. This safeguards sensitive information and provides organization in accounting processes.
  2. Standardize Content: Managers create pre-populated templates with personalized content variables to ensure consistency in messaging that adapts to each interaction. 
  3. Send Reminders: Agents easily send reminders via text and email directly from Prokeep. Customers can reply directly to the agent with questions in a one-to-one conversation. 
  4. Record Communication: All communication is automatically recorded within the Prokeep, facilitating seamless collaboration among collections team members.

PCI Compliance: 


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is the information security standard to which all credit card processors and brands hold themselves. Card companies and any associated processors stay in compliance with this standard.

Prokeep Collect and PCI Compliance:

Prokeep Collect connects to pre-existing online payment portals, ensuring that credit card information is never entered into Prokeep. Therefore, PCI standards do not apply to Prokeep. Additionally, Prokeep is SOC2 Compliant, guaranteeing the security of customer and user information.