Shared Fax FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Shared Fax

Can I add multiple shared email addresses or fax numbers to the same Group/Location?  

No. Each Group/Location only allows for 1 text number, 1 shared email account (i.e, or, and 1 fax line.  Members of that Group/Location will be able to view, respond and manage all types of messages in their Group.

When do I need to set up a new Group for a communication channel running through Prokeep?

If you have more than one text number, shared email account, or fax line you want to manage in Prokeep you will need to set up a new Group. In addition, a new Group will be needed if the text number, shared email account or fax line should only be seen by a specific group of people (i.e, delivery team, sales managers, etc.). 

What standards are in place to maintain security and privacy on for emails and faxes received and sent in Prokeep? 

When any email or fax data reaches Prokeep it is encrypted with industry-standard AES256 at rest and over the wire, is protected behind a firewall and geo-restrictions, and is stored in private subnet resources not reachable from public endpoints. Additionally, Prokeep is currently in process of attaining SOC 2 certification.

What is the cost to add a shared email account or fax to my account?  

For Prokeep and Prokeep Plus Customers, there is no additional cost to add 1 shared email account and 1 fax line to each existing Group.  If you need to manage additional shared email accounts or fax numbers OR you want a shared email account or fax number to go to a specific group of people, this will require a new Group to be set up which is an additional cost and should be discussed with your Prokeep Account Manager.  

In my Group/Location, how do I identify texts from faxes from emails?  

An icon will identify messages in your Prokeep inbox to indicate what channel is being used.  In addition, email messages will show the subject line and the sender’s email address and faxes will show the page count.   

What type of reporting is available for messages to my shared email account and fax line?

In-app reporting includes text, email, and fax messages as part of the aggregated data.  When you export you will see the channel as a separate column to allow you to slice and dice data as needed.  

Canadian Customers Only: How does Prokeep group email relate to PIPEDA compliance?

Due to limitations of functionality with Amazon’s Canadian servers, Prokeep email traffic must at this time flow through US-based servers. As a result, it is advised that Canadian customers utilizing Prokeep email avoid sending sensitive customer information over Prokeep email. Link to PIPEDA Guidelines.

Fax lines:

How does Fax work in Prokeep?
For each Group/Location in Prokeep, you can add one fax line.  Once that fax number is ported to Prokeep, your customers will fax the number they currently use and the fax will be received in the Prokeep Inbox where a team member can Acknowledge & Claim.  Faxes are tied to that customer account along with text and email messages so all communications are in one place.  You can also send faxes in Prokeep by creating a new fax, filling out the customer's fax number, and attaching a PDF.

How do I port my fax number?
Provide Prokeep with the number you would like to port, which Prokeep group you want to receive the faxes, a recent bill for this fax number, and a signed Letter of Agency (LOA). From here Prokeep support will submit a port request and update you on the progress of the port.

Can I cancel my eFax or fax provider? 

Yes.  Once your fax line has been ported, Prokeep will manage the receiving and sending of fax messages so you will no longer need a fax machine and you can cancel any fax provider or fax service. 

Is the auto-reply for shared email accounts the same as text? 

There is no auto-reply for fax messages in Prokeep.

Does fax work on the mobile app?

You can receive and download faxes on both the desktop and mobile app, but currently, you can only send faxes from your desktop app.

Can I port a fax line that I use to process credit card payments?

No, we do not advise porting a fax line that is used with card readers as this will result in payments no longer being able to be processed over that line.