Regions FAQ

Commonly Asked Questions about Prokeep's Regions Feature


What is Regions and how does it work?

Prokeep’s Regions feature is a way to more easily manage large accounts. An account’s Prokeep Administrators can create new Regions and assign Groups to those Regions. From here, these Regions can be applied throughout the app to take bulk action upon Groups. If the Regions need to change, you can make those edits in one place and the changes will then propagate throughout your account.

What can I do with Regions?

More features will soon be empowered to utilize Regions, but for now you can:

  • Use Regions to assign users access to their groups by Region, rather than one Group at a time
  • Use Regions to set up recurring and ad-hoc reporting exports for entire Regions or Divisions of your business
We just did a re-org. When I change the Groups that are part of a Region, does it update my data exports and user configuration to match our new structure?


Can I give users access to multiple Regions?

Yes! A Prokeep user with Admin privileges can assign users to any and all Regions that have been created for your account.

Can I give users access to individual groups, in addition to Regions?

Yes! A Prokeep user with Admin privileges can assign users to individual Groups in addition to Regions. 

Can I export data for multiple Regions at once?

Yes! A manager user can export data for any regions that they have access to. An admin user can export data for all Regions at an account.

Can I export data for a combination of Groups and Regions at the same time?

Yes! You can export data for individual Groups in addition to Regions in the same export request, provided you have permission to access all the Groups and Regions that you are trying to export. An Admin user can export data for any desired combination of all Groups and Regions on the account.

Can a Prokeep group be a part of multiple Regions?

Each Prokeep group can only be in one Region at a time. If, when editing Regions for your account, you add a group to a Region that is already part of a different Region, it will lose the association with its original Region and associate with the new one.

How large can a Region be?

We do not have any set limits on the size of a Prokeep Region.

How small can a Region be?

A Region must have a minimum of one group, but generally doesn’t make much sense without at least two.

My company doesn’t refer to our location groupings as Regions, we call it something else. Can I change the name?

This change is in our backlog and is a change we plan to eventually support.