Internal Messaging

This article will give you an overview of Internal Messaging and how to utilize it within your account.

Internal Messaging

Internal messaging is a standard tool used by Prokeep to allow users to quickly and easily talk to one another in Prokeep while keeping their focus on customer conversations.

The primary use cases for Internal Messaging through Prokeep include: 

  • Counter reps at different locations to contact one another

  • Sales and Counter reps to collaborate

  • Back office employees to reach the front counter

How to send an internal message:

  • Creating an internal message is just like creating a new thread with a customer - Starting a Thread
  • In the 'To' box, you will type the name of the team member you would like to message & then type out your message

  • Once sent, you will see the thread in your 'Open' tab and it will display 'DM' to let you know that it is internal and not a customer thread.

  • When the conversation is over, either user can click 'End Conversation'
  • Once it has been ended, there will be a message stating who closed it and at what time.