Messaging API

This article provides a basic overview of what can be done with the Messaging API and how to enable it.

Messaging API

The Messaging API will allow you to:

  • Text customers based upon a trigger by your 3rd party software
  • Notify a customer that their order has been placed in a locker
  • Update a customer on shipping information
  • Text a receipt after an order has been completed
  • Share contact details between Prokeep and your 3rd party software
  • Update contact cards based upon data saved in an ERP or update ERP based upon Prokeep contact cards

How to Enable:

  1. Review Prokeep’s API Technical Documentation
    1. Technical Documentation is available here
  2. Determine what Third-Party Software you would like to integrate with and what you would like it to do.  
  3. Create Application in Settings
    1. One Application must be created for each 3rd Party Software
    2. Each application will generate unique credentials to use when creating your integration.
  4. Build Integration
    1. Using the API Technical documentation as a reference, write code to allow Prokeep and the 3rd Party Software to communicate and complete desired functions. 

You can reach out to with any questions or to request assistance in setting up your integrations.