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Add New Contact And Send a Welcome Message

This article provide instructions on how to add a new contact and send a welcome message.

Getting Started:

How to Login 
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Add a New Contact & Send Welcome Message


To let customers know they can now text your phone line, you can send a welcome message to a contact.


To add a New Contact:

  • Login to your Prokeep profile.

  • On the left side of the Prokeep toolbar, click the contact book icon. 
  • Then, click the plus sign symbol.  Screenshot 2023-08-02 143237

  • Here you will enter all of the customer's contact information. input contact info


To Send a Welcome Message:

  • Ensure that the preferred group is assigned to the contact and that the welcome message box is checked.
  • Note: Hovering over the "i" will showcase a preview of the welcome message.

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  • Once you click submit, your welcome message will be sent successfully!