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Getting Started - Administrators/Managers

This article contains information on steps to take as an account Administrator or Manager.

Getting Started - Administrators/Managers

Welcome to Prokeep! As an Admin or Manager, there are a few things to set up to get Prokeep ready for your employees and customers.

  • You should have received your login credentials via email the day before your training. If you have not received your login credentials after your training, contact support@prokeep.com.
  • Once you have attended a training, set up your Prokeep:
    • Invite the rest of your team members - To find instructions click here.
    • Set up your After Hours Message - To find instructions click here.
    • Add your customers' contact information into Prokeep and send them Welcome Messages - To find instructions click here.
  • Now that you are all set up, review "Marketing Material and Tactics." This will include awareness tactics, usage tactics as well as a stock Flyer and Poster. To find the link, click here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to visit our Prokeep Help Center. Here you can find instructions on how to Automate Your Prokeep Daily Login and Enable Notifications, as well as our  Compatibility and Minimum Requirements, and other articles that will help you get the most out of the platform!